Born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1977.
Until his early 20's, Kobi remembers that mainly he was stupid.

In 2002, a few months after arriving in New York City, he decided to be an artist. This unusual decision was inspired by the magnificence of New York City and the people Kobi met while working at a street market on West 4th st. The biggest inspiration came from the artists Tsibi Geva and Elad Kopler, who he met in NYC. During those first two years in New York, Kobi explored all kinds of art forms, from shooting short movies and writing to painting techniques. After this period of "fun time", Kobi really started to struggle with the question of what he wanted to do in his art.

In mid-2004 Kobi received a full scholarship to Hamidrasha Arts at Beit Berl College in Israel. After two years in the film program, Kobi felt that he could not stay there and returned to New York with a lots of movies in his head and one on his hard drive called "Dorma".

Kobi's first painting project was "12 boards" - a collage of acrylic & mixed media on small wooden boards (16"x12") cut from a kitchen wall at one of the construction sites he was working on at that time, so that he could fit it into his tiny room in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. In the "12 boards" project Kobi explored all his skills and passions - carpentry, photography and painting. The subject of Kobi's art tended to change drastically every few years. His main guidance was always to find aesthetic composition and search for the ideal "beauty in everything". Kobi's last project in 2009 was "cement" - a group of large paintings that impersonate the "feeling" of the material cement in different stages.

Today Kobi divides his passion between many art forms, he transfers his artistic skills into a business (the Construct Art Group) which involves everything Kobi loves about art. Kobi continues writing in hebrew at Notes.

A painters thoughts from the studio.

Curiosity is what allows you to continue
Observation is needed all the time
during the making and at rest
You use an ancient human quality called cunning /
Skipping unequal thoughts
Do not forget you are struggling
or in other words you do not give up
Wisdom is required here because you must also
give up,
and here is the question, on what?

Kobi Levi 2008